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Missy Malone



"Missy Malone is a burlesque artist of the highest repute"  - Outline Online (2/11/15)


"The epitome of professionalism her acts are beautifully conceived and executed." - Stage Talk Magazine 20/4/15


"Her classic ‘40s/’50s Hollywood starlet looks, costumes and grace, coupled with likeable charm, always warms an audience to her - Missy never, but never, fails to disappoint and, oh my lord, did she ever deliver tonight." - Cotswold Life Magazine 19/4/15


"dressed in sleek black feathers and green veils, looking like an art deco statue come to life.  Stunning!" ***** (12/2/12) - Edinburgh Guide


"Burlesque Phenomenon" - Cotswold Style Magazine (01/01/11)


"Burlesque Queen" - The Cheltonian (01/12/10)


"Burlesque Barnstormer" - The Gloucestershire Echo (30/10/10)


"Queen of Scottish Burlesque" - Herald & Post  (19/7/07)




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